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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  July 4, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 breaking news. >> we begin with breaking news this afternoon. the holiday turned tragic for a family in maryland. a child was pulled from the water after nearly drowning. let's go live for the latest. what happened out there? >> at last check, we understand that this child was taken to the hospital with serious life-
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threatening injuries we're waiting to hear back from the department on at the child's condition. the fire department responded to reports of a drowning at 8:00 a.m. at sandy point state park. eyewitnesses say this 7-year-old boy was under the water for at least 30 minutes before he was found. they say the boy was slumming with other children and a family member when he went under the water. -- was swimming with other children at a family member. they swept the water and found the boy. >> somebody said we found him we got him and they pulled him out and rent out of the water with him. all i could do was pray for them. -- and ran out of the water with him. >> it is a serious situation out here. fire officials are still investigating. the department of natural resources taking the lead on the investigation we're waiting to hear back from them. we understand there are about
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8000 people at sandy point right now, including children. this july for -- this is july 4 and this is a tragic situation. >> thank you. at as you know violent storms ripped across the region last night but will more thunderstorms ruin in the july 4 plans as afternoon? adam caskey is live in the weather center. >> we are expecting some scattered thunderstorms later on today. though we are not expecting any widespread severe thunderstorm outbreaks, wonder two storms could briefly become strong or severe. i think the biggest threat later on today's lightning more than anything else. let's get right to our storm scan. you can see the areas of white and gray. that is the cloud cover. we have a thin veil of cloud cover across the region with filtered sunshine. still bright enough for your sunglasses. 85 in the district.
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84 at dulles airport. crueler in cumberland, 77. a cool front will drop into our region. we're expecting thunderstorms because of the triggering mechanisms moving in this afternoon and evening. these -- the first part will be around 3:00 p.m. northwest of the metro area. thereafter, there will look into the metro area. we will have your fireworks forecast coming up. >> we appreciate it. one man is dead following last night's severe storm. montgomery county fire officials say the man was riding along the canal path near white's ferry on his bicycle yesterday when he was struck. he is a dignified as 56-year-old neil rich from new york. around the region, folks are cleaning up the mess. fire crews working to restore power. right now, more than 6000 dominion customers are still in the dark in northern virginia. pepco is reporting nearly 400
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outages. 500 outages from bg&e. here is more storm coverage from arlington. >> people living in this arlington neighborhood are spending their july for cleaning up the big mess from that -- from mother nature. the region was pounded with heavy rain fierce winds and skies full of lightning. >> i went downstairs and yelled to my parents that i was really scared. we huddled in the basement. >> and this is what many people saw once they step aside after the storm, down power lines and debris everywhere, including big bridges on top of cars and homes. >> i did not hear it fall because of all the wind. as soon as i looked out the window as of this huge chunk of mud instead of the tree. completely surprised. >> neighbors say what was most surprising about this storm was not just how powerful it was but how much damage it was able to do in the short amount of time
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people who were home at the time of the storms it only lasted a couple of minutes >> normally in this area, this stuff flies right over us. but last night it was just incredible. >> it kind of sounded like a tornado and it looked like a tornado. >> the nearby george washington parkway was also left a mess after the storm. several trees fell on the roadway, holding traffic for hours, that and to let you fat of drivers to matters into their own hands. there were people visiting the national mall. police were forced to evacuate the mall after intense rain and winds and people running for cover. >> i have never seen winds like that in this area. >> thank you. for the latest on today's storm chances, you can go to our website, we have dramatic eyewitness photographs of the weekend thunderstorms. you consider your photographs
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and 97-day forecast. rain or shine, the nation is celebrating its birthday today. there's no bigger celebration and down on the national mall. the crowds are beginning to form. brie and carter is live with what visitors need to know. >> absolutely. we already have a growing crowd of thousands out here, gathering near the washington monument and also along constitution avenue, where we just saw the parade make its way by us. the good news for these thousands so far is that is just overcast, no rain. people have traveled near and far to be part of these fourth of july festivities. the patriotic parade of visitors filled the nation's capital this morning with a sea of red white, and blue. >> it is a unique opportunity to be here for an event like this. >> people watched the national parade make its way-in -- down the national avenue.
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this holiday holds special meaning for all who serve. >> it reminds us of our independence that we gain and with his shoulders 54. >> to mark the nation's 235th birthday he plans to take in all the festivities. >> we came here early. >> including the main event. fireworks and the concert at the capitol. this year, another star-studded event is planned with big-name performers like jordin sparks, josh grobin, and steve martin. hundreds of thousands expected to attend, so security is tight. officials say to be prepared. >> they may look through your bags. this is all part of the planned activities. >> officials are also saying to be prepared when it comes to what could be some heat outs here up to the possible 90s. people are staying in the shade.
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that is what they're urging everyone to do as well as bring lots of water. for a quick rundown of the events, the concert kicks off at 8:00 tonight all but the fireworks at 9:10 p.m. metro will have additional trains running tonight for the crowds. abc 7 news. >> thank you so much. it is going to be exciting. looking forward to seeing little richard. president obama is a budding military families to celebrate independence day at the white house. they're cleaning of storm damage on the white house lawn today. they're clearing the way fallen branches. the first family will host an outdoor barbecue tonight. the obama's in military families will enjoy a special white house countered before watching the fireworks from the south lawn. the july 4 holiday would not be complete without a parade. this morning, hundreds gathered in a neighborhood of arlington to watch the hometown parade. lots of people dressed in costumes. there were creative floats as
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well. this is the 23rd year for the parade. fox 5 takoma park were up bright and early this morning. it was for that areas and will operate. the special event taking place throughout the day there. the cities of a barbecue that will last through 6:00 tonight. there will be a concert at 7:00 p.m. and in the fireworks display at night 30 p.m. abc 7 is your source on this independence day. for details on more local celebrations across our region and for the road closures in need to know about before heading out today, just go to ourw we have breaking news from sandy point park in maryland. that is where a child was pulled from the water we have learned, has died. moments ago, it was confirmed that the child died at the hospital. the young boy was running at around 8:00 a.m. this morning when he was pulled from the water. several people saw it happen. very sad news in annapolis.
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we are also following a developing story of mexico. in american men dead and eight people missing after a tourist boat capsized. giant waves start the 100-foot fishing boat early sunday morning after the -- of the baja california peninsula. there were 27 american tourists on the boat. some americans and mexican crew member are still missing. several passengers were able to swim ashore. the boat capsized and such a remote area that no one knew about it until yesterday afternoon. in montana 200 residents evacuated today. a broken oil pipeline send as many as 1,000 barrels of oil flowing into the yellowstone river. exxon mobil said the damage is limited. the governor of montana says it is too soon to know. here is the latest. >> cleanup crews are scrambling to limit the damage to montana's yellowstone river, after an exxon mobil oil pipeline ruptured late friday night.
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the spill started when a 12-inch pipeline started to leak rate the river. exxon officials say a change in pressure was detected and the line was shut off within six minutes. >> we do not know the cause. this is a very unusual event. obviously, we had a large amount of oil enter the water quickly. >> exxon mobil officials estimate that up to 1000 perils or 42,000 gallons of oil spilled before the leak was stopped. cleanup crews are trying to soak up the oil and prevent it from spreading. machines in the water were seen up to 100 miles from the league. but exxon mobil says most of the damage is limited to a 10-mile stretch near billings. the montana governor said the oil company was just guessing at the amount of damage and was downplaying the environmental effects. the timing of the spill cannot be worse. the river had been searching for months pushing high water through farmlands. now that water is mixed with oil. >> from what i look at, there is
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oil all over the topsoil. i do not want my animals eating that. >> the epa said the fast flowing water could actually help reduce the damage to wildlife and crops along the river. the yellowstone river is a tributary the to the missouri river. the concern now is stopping the oil before it flows any further. abc news. >> thank you. new at noon it has been tough for people heading along northbound on the gw parkway. around 7:30 a.m. this morning, an rv caught fire. at this point, no word of any injuries. firefighters quickly responded in got the fire put out. traffic was diverted, and it was low-move it for most of the morning. the cause of the fire is under investigation. coming up on abc 7 news at noon final fireworks. the jury gets ready to decide the fate of a mother accused of murder. one case may be falling apart, but new legal trouble for
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the former head of the imf. we have the brand new allegations. celebrating the fourth far from home. how trips are marking this independence day. all that, and
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>> americans are marking his fourth of july halfway around the world. ♪ >> soldiers stationed in southeastern corner of afghanistan stopped to celebrate independence day. they took part in the flag raising so marty about -- ceremony complete with military ban. meanwhile a massive manhunt for a service members missing in
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southern afghanistan. afghan police say a british soldier has been captured. the taliban is claiming the fighters captured and killed the service member but there's no immediate conference that -- confirmation. there is an extensive operation to find a soldier. fox news confirming it that the hacker broke into the news sites twitter account this morning. the politics account reported the death of president obama. they send out a series of tweets this morning claiming the president had been assassinated in ottawa. fox news says it is investigating. the messages went out to more than 34,000 followers. following breaking news this noon from orlando florida. that is where the jury in the casey anthony murder trial has just gotten the case and is beginning its deliberation. earlier today, prosecutors wrapped up their rebuttal argument forensic evidence showed the remains of caylee anthony and show that this goal in jawbone were attached.
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the only way they say they could have happened was with duct tape. >> all the doctors told you that the only thing that could have kept that mandible in anatomical position is the tape. >> prosecutors contend that casey anthony suffocated her daughter with duct tape and then dumped her body in the woods. the defense has argued that caylee accidentally drowned in the family pool. more legal troubles for former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn. a french novelist says she is going to file a complaint against him. accusing him of attempted rape. strauss-kahn is already facing charges of sexual assault involving a hotel maid in new york. his house arrest was lifted last week after strauss-kahn's accuser had a credibility problem. after waiting and worrying
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residents in new mexico are returning home. fire officials allow 12,000 los alamos presidents to head home yesterday, nearly one reductor wildfires force the entire town to evacuate. hundreds of firefighters are still working to control the mass of wildfire that is now threatening native american pueblos. as for the cause fire officials now say a tree falling into power lines is exactly what sparked the blaze. that is unbelievable, because in the storms we have had over last couple of days, we have had some situations the power lines snapping. luckily, it is not been so dry here. >> exactly. we have had a decent amount of rain. we could still use a few showers in parts of our region. but i am not too concerned about later today. i am expecting some scattered thunderstorms. this always happens on the fourth of july in washington. i think the biggest threat will really be lightning. there could be one two brief strong to severe storms going through.
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it is something we will be watching. you can watch the interactive radar all day long. this is the camera in laurel maryland. a great look at the sunrise. clouds, a clearing. back to the clouds. the overhead we have kind of the filteredt sun shine th. thin cloud cover. we had morning storms yesterday that dumped significant rainfall. in montgomery county the highest accumulation is 1.81 inches in chevy chase. 1.61 1.37 and just over 1 inch in falls church. mid 80s. there is the filtered sun shine. nothing really happening locally in terms of showers or thunderstorms. some action in kentucky. even a little bit in ohio, moving east. this is all being triggered by some upper level energy pushing our way.
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as that gets over our area by the early and mid afternoon we're expecting some thunderstorms develop -- to develop a one two storms could become strong to severe. but we're not expecting any widespread severe outbreaks like what we had yesterday. just some isolated downpours with lightning included. that is the biggest threat. the prediction center has the slight risk of severe storms mainly south of the metro area. by fireworks time, most of these storms should be over with. but one two could linger, especially south of the metro area. warm and muggy. upper 70's at that time. tomorrow sunshine. not quite as timid. upper 80s. low 90s for wednesday through friday. >> we're keeping our fingers crossed for this evening. >> hit or miss. >> bring the poncho. coming up charming canada. another busy day for the royal couple as their visit to
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hollywood draws near. and how is that for an explosion? what happens when 5000 firecrackers a blowup? later today
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and -- help them save money! we help them save money. get care 1 on 1 and talk savings, safety, and side effects when you transfer or fill a new ongoing prescription. i'm carla, and this is my cvs. and his, too. >> cheering crowds greeted prince william and his wife as they arrived at prince edward island this morning. they are in their fifth day of the canadian visit. prince william and kate's first overseas trip since their wedding. after touring the island, william will pilot a canadian military helicopter and landed on the water as part of a training exercise. down to five days into the
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final shuttle flight into space. the crew of atlantis is set to arrive in cape canaveral just an hour from now. the space shuttle atlantis is to vote to lift off at around 11:30 a.m. friday morning. when it returns, the space shuttle program will come to an end after 30 years and 135 flights. we have complete coverage of the final flight. leon harris and scott will report from the kennedy space center on friday. there will have all the details.
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>> they are illegal but the put on quite a show. new york police department confiscated 5,000 pounds of illegal fireworks this year. they decided to blow the all of the dissent on this weekend. take a look. -- they turned -- they decided to blow them all up at the same time this weekend. take a look. oh my. look at that. the explosion went on for more than a minute. if you want to watch it again, you can get to ourw or you can head down to the national mall where there will be a more choreographed fireworks display. >> that was cool. i am glad they decided to go out with a bang, i guess you could say. captioned by the national captioning institute >>
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